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Senior Seasons

May 16, 2018

What time of year is the best time of year to have your Senior photos taken? A common question asked when trying to decide when and where to shoot. As a natural light photographer, there are pros and cons to every time of year. For me, I am always searching for the best light. Light will make or break your image ANY time of year. However, each season brings its own unique beauty and will often offer something different for each portrait at different times of that day. Spring is super green and offers new blossoms with vibrant colors. My issue with spring is that it is almost too green for me. I will often times tone down some of that strong saturation in my post production work. For the Senior, Spring photos are exciting because they can begin to see themselves as college bound adults and want their photos to reflect that. The problem in waiting for Spring is that the weather is a little unpredictable and the pressure to get the photos done and back in time to make your amazing announcements can become a little stressful in an already stressful time. 

Summer photos are always great in my opinion. The senior is super excited to be in their last year and top dog on campus! They are confident and usually ready to "rule the school" and their photos will reflect that. The Summer light is always beautiful in the late afternoon and early evening. The weather is pretty predictable (hot) but the heat is a bit of a drawback. I love the golden tones, light and airy feel to Summer photos. Checking portraits off of your list of things to do early in the year means that your beautiful images will be ready in time to get them in the yearbook dedication page. You won't need to go searching your child's Facebook page or Instagram for some nice current shot (which let's be is probably a selfie with friends anyway, right?) Having your gallery ready ahead of time, makes all the senior year tribute needs much easier.


Fall...well, I mean Fall is just beautiful. The leaves are changing to their beautiful, rich colors.  The light is warm with golds, yellows and reds.  It is the time of year that your senior can still wear a beautiful flowing dress or shorts yet throw on some jeans and cozy blanket sweater for a cooler weather feel. This season can really can give you everything you want in your senior photos. So, for me...the best time of year to photograph is Fall. This allows plenty of time for yearbook dedications to showcase their passions and commitment to their school. 

Notice that I did not mention Winter...right?  It is my least favorite time of year to shoot...the weather is incredibly unpredictable. The trees are mostly bare and the air is crisp making for cooler toned images. So, when thinking about booking your unique Senior Portrait Session, you should consider the time of year would best showcase your Senior. And then, let's create!


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